Here, There & Nowhere in Particular

Rate Cut

We’ve all been closely following the action on the interest rate — and while the WSJ news has been a lot more duller than the Twitter action, the quarter percentage point has already thrown the Burj Al Arab high towers market down to a more downtown skyline.

D(R)BT — Digitally Resilient Business Transformation

During my last post, I spoke about the need to holistically think about all aspects of digital business transformation. The budgets on “Protect the customer (& the bank)” must be in the same rough vicinity as “Grow the Bank” $$.

Lines of Defense

Another aspect of protecting the bank is defining a long term strategy in compliance and regulatory systems. As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I’ve had some great conversations on the regulatory ecosystem with several of leaders in this space and the need to think of developing a new generation regulatory ecosystem which allows all three lines of defense to play an active role in protecting customer’s and bank’s interests with early warning signals versus reacting after the break.

Workforce Re-Skilling

AI is going to be the biggest technology and workforce disruptor over the next couple of years. Firms must plan to do an overhaul and re-skilling of their employee workforce — creating center of excellence for AI and data science as well as investing in resources & partnership to allow talented workers to make the transition has to be a major focus area.

Nowhere in Particular…

My personal favorite section of HTNW is the freewheeling look at technology and data science applications in the world….here’s snippets.

…For a Fistful of Dollars (Or a Bit More)

A slightly different take on this section — secured art lending. Here’s the two part quiz to see if you are applicable?

NYC Hidden Gem (& App of the Week)

For this week, I’m combining the app of the week and the NYC Hidden Gem into one section…read on…



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