Here, There, Nowhere in Particular — Gig Economy, D(R)BT, Avengers Endgame

Impact of the Gig Economy

This week we take a look at the gig economy. The generally accepted scope of the gig economy covers workers engaged in short-term contracts, freelance work or one-time gigs (as a supplementary income or even their main source of income). These include platforms like Uber, Upwork, and TaskRabbit or more traditional channels. Often, the scope will include both independent contractors and participants in the share economy to earn income (ex, AirBnB).

Personalization and Loyalty Programs

Staying on the subject of gig economy — while the jury is out in terms of size of the impact on the overall economy, it cannot be denied that the gig economy is re-shaping our workforce and attitude towards work, savings and consumption patterns. Does your organization have an effective personalized marketing strategy for the brave, new world of the “Giggers”?

Regulatory Landscape

A key and often overlooked aspect of innovation will be the ability of banks, intermediaries and regulators to work in unison to continue to improve the customer experience while maintaining checks and balances. So is there a correlation between financial innovation and regulatory penalties?

World’s Next Oligopoly

Our modern day world of blogs often offers interesting predictions. Here’s one from Apr’17 — predicting the demise of Google. While the prediction may not have panned out, it cannot be denied that Amazon’s one-stop shop model has made a huge dent on the search engine giant.

Blast from the Past

April 27, 1981 — Xerox introduces the Xerox 8010 Star Information System, the first commercial system utilizing a computer mouse, among other now commonplace technologies.

App of the Week

In this section, we have usually reviewed some great apps like Olio (food sharing). This week we focus on an ugly facet of the world’s most popular apps — Whatsapp. Free to download, this app has become the unofficial communication protocol in countries like India.

…For a Fistful of Dollars (Or a Bit More)

This week’s goal would be to create a separate “gated” city for folks who have watched the Avengers Endgame and are out there putting spoilers all over the place. Don’t be that guy!

NYC Hidden Gem

If you can handle spice — try a great Sri Lankan restaurant (



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